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In-Act: Association Management

In-Act Marketing and Organization is a distinguished partner with experience in organizing and managing intercontinental and nationwide conferences, forums, workshops, training courses, trade shows and special events.

It doesn’t matter if your event is for educational purposes like conferences, meetings and graduations, promotional purposes such as product launches, political rallies and fashion shows, or commemoratory purposes like memorials or civic events.

We gladly take over the organization, planning, presentation and managing of your planned event. While we prepare, and execute your event, you can stay focused on your core business.

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Review of Your Association Forum

In-Act has been uniting people in a pleasurable and professional manner for more than 16 years. Over these years, we’ve further developed our core business elements, which include:


After we’ve set up your event to include these business elements, we assess your project deliverables to ensure everything is accounted for.

In-Act Marketing Association Management Approach

In-Act Marketing and Organization helps you to organize your event. For companies, events are an interesting way to present new products, launch new concepts, inform their target audience, or expand their network. They may be interested in hosting celebrations, ceremonies, association events and symposiums. Our team is experienced in handling all kinds of associations, from the small local chapters to worldwide organizations having thousands of members. In-Act Marketing and Organization offers a broad range of association conference services with an in-depth knowledge so that we can tailor our approach to meet your precise requirements. And, coupled with our prized conference management services, your business will nurture, learn and flourish.

Event Technology and preparations

In-Act Marketing and Organization understands the dynamics involved in association management, that is why we have built our brand and its culture to mirror our values of being the right partner for your association events. We engage your sponsors, exhibitors, partner, and organizations with the aim of maximizing your event’s success. Therefore, keeping up with fast-changing event technologies is crucial. We at In-Act recommend and incorporate relevant technology to make your event evolve and boost your partaker’s experience.

Branding Your Association Forum

If you would want your event to be notable, you need to decide a timely and compelling topic that goes together with your core business goal and services. This means that the theme of your event should resonate with your purpose, both online and offline. This is where In-Act can help you. We amplify your event communications and marketing activities to draw the past and new participants from both local and global markets.

Exceptional Experiences with In-Act

With a real infatuation for association management and expertise across all types of public and corporate events – assisting your company design, plan, and host events is what we endeavor to do. – In-Act Marketing stands for delivering affairs that inspire, connect, and reward your audience.
At In-Act we pride ourselves on our ability to understand the needs of our clients.

If you need more information, or have any questions considering our services.
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