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In-Act Marketing and Organization is a full-service event scouter, planner, marketer, and organizer with more than 16 years of experience with local and worldwide events, conferences, meetings, forums, etc. In-Act Marketing and Organization is known for event marketing, organization, online and offline advertising, employee coordination and company engagement.

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Marketing Events, Promotions, and Publicity

Bearing in mind that your company needs a custom, tactical approach to get the right, desired event, we aim to use our experience in event marketing to your advantage. In-Act Marketing and Organization is a well-known event marketing agency with more than 16 years of experience. Our team of experts and skilled leaders work closely with your business to manage your event, build brand awareness, and set up your position in brand new markets.

What is event marketing?

Events marketing is the process of coming up with a themed exhibit, presentation or display to endorse a product, service, or an organization. At In-Act Marketing and Organization, we conduct event marketing strategies for your event that leave a lasting, professional impression. Our hosted events have a reputation of grabbing the attention of target groups. We successfully market your event to provide your target group with an understanding that will resonate in their minds for a long time. Our events marketing campaigns are normally undertaken offline or online and can be participated in, sponsored, or hosted. The advertising of these activities can take place through various outbound and inbound marketing techniques.

In-Act Events Marketing Approach

At In-Act Marketing, we take pride on the long-term relationships we develop with our clients, and that starts with our approach. Every company is different. So, to successfully market an event we need an in-depth understanding of your company’s core business, your requirements, and your objectives.
Then, through strategic and creative thinking, we build up personalized, all-inclusive experiential campaigns that offer unforgettable experiences that generate quantifiable results. Whether you are a start-up business or you’ve been in business for a long time and wish to develop a lasting event, lean on us. Give us a challenge, and we will set up a successful event for your company.

Strategic Events Marketing

Our events marketing approach can bring your brand in closer contact with your customers; if this is your goal. In-Act helps you to include your business mission, apply your creative brand experience to guarantee a successful event, conference or meeting. Today’s events marketing is not about creating a sales pitch opportunity. It focuses on getting clients to form an association with your brand and build a relationship with it.

Our strategic marketing does not have to be a huge, grand spectacle on the global stage. It can also comprise of a smaller, locally intended way of reaching out to your desired group of attendees. However, no matter the scale, we guarantee the same professional approach and execution for each event, big or small. We assist in creating brand fans, not just a mere marketing event.

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