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In-Act Marketing Event Registration and Management

If you are looking for a company to handle your conference registration, convention registration or event registration process seamlessly, In-Act & Marketing Organization Ltd. is the company for you. We are a professional agency who specialize in the organization and registration of business events. We are based in Netherlands but our services go beyond the Netherland borders and extend to other nations abroad.

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What we offer our clients

Conferences and conventions serve as important platform where people meet engage and even strike business deals. As such, every detail from the start to the end must be smooth and seamless. This includes the registration process and the management. That is where we as In-Act come in. We are there to handle the registration process for your convention or conference. We specialize in the organization of national and international tradeshows, conferences, training courses, workshops, special events, and conventions in all parts of the world. You can thus be sure that we can handle the process in a smooth and effective way. Our team comprises of friendly people who handle their work with the highest level of professionalism. Some of the common basic qualities that characterize our team are professionalism, creativity, friendly, enthusiastic, and experienced. With this highly qualified team, you can be sure to trust us to advise, organize, develop, and provide support for your convention, conference, or special event. Instead of having to go through the hustle of handling this process while at the same time handling your core business, leave this to us.

How we handle the process

In-Act is equipped to handle the event registration process and the organization from A to Z. That means that we will register your event and find the most suitable location from where you can host your event. As a conference organizer and meeting planner, we will ensure that besides finding the appropriate venue to host the event, we will, also, find sponsors, assemble the program, design the invitations, print, and distribute them. Besides these, we will effectively market your event, ensure the financial aspect is settled and on-site and follow-up management set up. Besides handling projects from A to Z, we can, also, be partners in the planning and management and only focus on a specific desired segment. Some of the areas we can focus on include onsite management, back office, exhibition management, financial management, marketing and the registration of the conference or convention. Basically, we can act as an external department to our clients and get everything going – from the budgeting, contract setup to sourcing for sponsors and more.

Our Portfolio

We have worked served many clients and companies in Netherlands and beyond. Some of the companies we have successfully served and satisfied include IADC, SIDN, Revenue Creative, Expatica, Rabobank, European Management Assistants, Fleet support, Lexmark, Van de Water and Stichting Intercongress.

Reach out to us

Effective event management is what could be the determinant of whether you will make a business deal to take your company to the next level or not. For the most trusted registration and management fill in the In-Act contact form or call us to give us the details for your project. We will most definitely be at your service.

If you need more information, or have any questions considering our services.
Give us a call +31/24-675 2252  or fill out our contact form: